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My Story

Two hearts have beaten in my chest for a long time. The heart of the analyst, performance-oriented, spoiled for success and always aiming for the best possible output for my clients versus the heart of the compassionate, supportive, nurturing and challenging mentor whose fulfilment lay in accompanying others on their path to their true selves.

 Nicole Dildei Coaching | Leadership, Corporate and Life Coach

That's why I decided at that time to study business administration with a focus on real estate economics and marketing. The perfect degree for people with a lot of interest, a consultant's heart and an entrepreneurial spirit who want to do "something with business". Relatively soon after finishing my studies, I realised that I had to work independently and freely, so that I have now been running my own business for almost 20 years.


It was not always easy, but it symbolises my highest values - freedom, independence and personal responsibility. My start was marked by numerous transaction projects, in which I was able to apply my real estate expertise and my Excel skills, followed by excursions into asset management of large residential and commercial portfolios for national and international investors, including investment banks, insurance companies, fund providers, etc.

In the course of time, however, other projects increasingly crystallised that were more concerned with the organisation and structures within the companies.

All resulted in interim management mandates that catapulted me for limited periods into leadership positions in a wide variety of departments, fields of activity and team sizes.

Gradually, I focused more and more on staff needs instead of acting in a purely fact-oriented way. In the context of leadership positions with increasing team responsibility, I could see and feel the great potential of each individual, but I could not support them in the context of my commissioned projects in the way that would have met my need and been appropriate. 

I am very passionate and enthusiastic, always open to possible further development, new things and change, good at recognising creative potential. Deep down, I am and remain a 100% pioneer. However, my professional situations led to more and more compromises and I was more and more often underchallenged, underestimated or simply overqualified. I constantly found myself oil-smeared in the engine room instead of wearing a captain's hat on the bridge of command and keeping the long view.

 Nicole Dildei Coaching | Leadership, Corporate and Life Coach
 Nicole Dildei Coaching | Leadership, Corporate and Life Coach

Then suddenly a third heart came to life: that of the empathic coach who works with people on how to make powerful decisions for their lives, develop new perspectives and bring their values more into their lives. And in the final consequence, become an inspiring pioneer and idol for others.


In retrospect, what I was missing in all my jobs was the appreciation and opportunity to effectively contribute my highly interested, enthusiastic, ready and highly sensitive personality. I decided to enter the coaching world and the right training was quickly found.

My current reorientation has its origins in the vision of becoming a recognised strategic advisor combined with a leadership coach for novel and complex situations as a close confidant and advisor to the world's leading decision-makers.

All my detours, my many interests, the turbulent stories of my life have now been given a common thread. I have arrived, can bring all my experiences into my daily counselling practice and feel like a value-adding counterpart for my clients.

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