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Coach·sulting 2.0

The combination of Consulting & Coaching

Coaching, consulting, transformation, resilience - all words that are slowly being used up and that nobody can really hear anymore. It's a shame, because they and their meaning will be with us for quite some time, both in a positive sense and as a challenge. Only with support will we achieve a turnaround in the team, in the company, in society and in our own being. It is not about "fixing" something, but about bringing to life what has been there and within us for a long time and is increasingly forcing its way to the surface. As an individual, as a team member, as an employee in the company - it is now increasingly necessary for all roles to live authentically, openly and mindfully.

The basis for my holistic approach is the combination of consulting and coaching - coach consulting. Through coaching, respectful interaction is encouraged and transparent, benevolent and constructive communication is established. My coaching therefore goes beyond the mere application of prefabricated templates or methods - I take the time to look at even the smallest of grievances and eliminate their causes. We work together to harmonize and coordinate everything - because corporate and personal development is a marathon, not a sprint.

My aim is to help you to help yourself and thus initiate a transformation process that is flexible enough to constantly adapt to new circumstances. This means that you and your teams will be able to recognize and understand the situation and its mechanics, your own and others' behaviours, the core and mission of your company in a short period of time and to change, modify and integrate innovations appropriately at your own pace and in consideration of your individual and personal framework conditions. Awareness of what is is already the first, important step towards change.

Different Offers

I offer you my support in the areas of organizational and structural consulting, interim management through to individual coaching programs, in each case related to current situations and special topics as well as everything to do with leadership and transformation.

The focus here is on implementing a sustainable and appreciative corporate culture.

Classic Offers

Organizational and structural Consulting


Coaching for the 
„New Era“

Executive Coaching

Special Offers

Concept for the introduction of female qualities into the company

Implementation of a Chief Culture and Ethics Ambassador (CCEA)

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