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 Nicole Dildei Coaching | Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Experiencing your own breakthroughs feels very liberating and gives your inner self the space to become active and alive.

Most of us live in a small box, framed by our childhood and past experiences, beliefs, convictions and behaviour patterns, compared to the wonderful, joyful and abundant life you could live if you trusted yourself and were in tune with your inner self.

Coaching is a very supportive tool here because the insights gained in coaching are so wonderfully preserved because they come from within us and are felt in coaching. Coaching then supports you in consolidating what you have uncovered in your everyday situations. Your transformation is holistic and touches every area of your life.

Gather all your courage, jump over your shadow and step out of your box to bring yourself and your full potential into your life!


Different Offers

My Coaching is offered in several ways as you can book it in smaller or bigger packages depending on the goal you are pursuing. I am happy to support you in choosing your individually suitable package.

For companies, I prefer to offer individual and situational concepts.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and 
to discuss your needs and deepen the details together.

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