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Barbie - A new trend sweeps the world

A film that could not be more controversial. It is about THE American cult figure in every girl's nursery for many decades once illuminated from different perspectives. Core content: Ken can not do without Barbie!

What a wonderful conclusion, which does not include a breakthrough, but still reaches the masses.

How do I get to Barbie?

From different sides the film "Barbie" was recommended to me - not only from "memory view" but in particular also in relation to my book project, which deals with the femininity in the masculinity.

No sooner said than done. Straight away the cinema visit was fixed and I sat in my cinema chair, wide-eyed and somewhat forewarned, curious as to what would await me in the next 120 minutes.

Background of the invention

First, it was a matter of explaining how Barbie came to be. I was never aware that this character really took girls out of the "doll mother role" and into a new world of their own - with all the stereotypes that Barbie embodies.

She was already living diversity at a time when we had no idea of a big, colorful world outside our social norm. So she gave a significant impetus in the years of construction and the entry of feminism into the world. Barbie showed us that you could look wonderful, always smile, have fun and own amazing things. The prototype of the successful businesswoman was born. Whether this made everyone happier in the end, or just created false expectations and led to depression, remains to be seen. But in a dreary time that turned into a glorious upswing, she was an instrumental part.

Barbie vs. Ken

Back to the film, in many parts of course completely over-kitsched, it now came from the Barbieworld, which was dominated and ruled exclusively by Barbie, to a switch to the Ken world, who after some attempts at self-realization had to admit that he just can not do without Barbie. All wrapped up a bit satirically and humorously, but at the end of the day Barbie is confirmed as the heroine. Not without making another detour to the sadness, exhaustion and inner emptiness of women. Unfortunately in fast forward, so that one hardly followed the content, all aspects and issues of women in today's everyday life were addressed and named. So that in the end it was clear how strong women are and men ultimately benefit from female strength. It gives them support, content, incentive and lets them live at their own pace.

Message of the film

I'm not quite at par with the film yet. Was the final message that meaningful? Couldn't much more have been gotten out of the film in terms of social and gender criticism? Or was it just the right dose for today's times that the masses can handle right now?

I don't know. For my taste, the film was definitely too thin, the content a bit flat, and the depiction of reality through the colors, music, and exaggerations sometimes too cartoonish.

But I also know I'm too demanding.

Consequences in reality

Shocking, however, was the headline that the film has boosted the business of the beauty industry. Many women now want shoulders as narrow and necks as long as Barbie's - in the jargon, Barbie-botox. Men want the distinctive Ken chin - the classic Hollywood face.

This is where all hops and malt are really lost and even if the film had a deeper message for us, it was completely lost here.

Coaching can be supportive here on all sides and contribute to a change into the new time. It requires courage, creativity, strength and sufficient motivation to face these changes - both for the female and the male concerned. A compassionate and experienced support leads to a stable personality development, building up of necessary competences and more sovereignty and inner stability.


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