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Book Project - Revitalising new values

In the New Era, the balance of feminine and masculine qualities is needed to successfully carry out the necessary transformation of current conditions towards more femininity in the world. For this purpose I have recently written my first book.

In it I describe my personal life journey with special reference to my experiences and experiences with men in the business world.

After describing the status quo of women in the business world, I move on to the requirements and demands for the integration of female and male qualities in the New Era.

For this purpose, the qualities from the past and various stereotypes are first defined. This quickly makes it clear that a combination of both will be the only true solution. But how does one bring both worlds together, which conditions are to be created for it, which changes of the involved ones are indispensable, which concept goal-prominent and finally in which organization forms these again won realizations and values can be converted accordingly and lived on a long-term basis.

From the consideration of the opposite poles the transformation of the existing goes over into the development of the new up to the realization that after the qualities have balanced themselves, the sex will play no more role. Because all sexes have in each case similar qualities, which are lived differently weighted in the context of the individual personality.

The quintessence of the book is that the female qualities can bring about the turnaround, but ultimately it is about mutual, appreciative and benevolent cooperation and the togetherness of all.

To this end, I have developed special training programs for companies that form the basis for the introduction of new organizational structures - away from rigid hierarchical levels to self-reliant teams and togetherness at eye level.

My target groups are in particular women in professional life, whether already in management positions or on the way to it, as well as men in management positions; managing directors and board members, consultants and coaches as well as HR managers.

Coaching can be supportive on all sides and contribute to a change into the new time. It requires courage, creativity, strength and sufficient motivation to face these changes - both for the female and the male concerned. A compassionate and experienced support leads to a stable personality development, building up of necessary competences and more sovereignty and inner stability.


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

Contact me to start your journey into a fulfilled future

Nicole Dildei Coaching

+49 157 58 267 427

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