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Change Management - the future-oriented task of the coming years

A survey conducted by management consultants Roland Berger among numerous insolvency administrators, bankers and restructuring experts revealed that well over half of them believe that there will be an unprecedented wave of restructuring in 2024. The "new normal" resulting from all the changed framework conditions, costs and shortages everywhere would allow no other conclusion.

Let's change the perspective!

That sounds rather bitter and some people may feel really uncomfortable and probably overwhelmed. But I would suggest a change of perspective at this point. How much of what is now being called into question, is being given a good shake and is facing new challenges, was really solid, on a good foundation and set up for the coming years?

Was it not the case in many places that the greatest successes were built on exploitation, abuse and lies? Even when new initiatives or institutions were founded that were committed to compliance, morality, honesty and transparency, it was clear from the moment the new positions were filled that this could only be window dressing.


It is interesting to note, however, that many of the positions that now have to be filled in order to clean up tricky and stubborn situations are held by women. The hope remains that this will bring more female energy and qualities into the system, which would perhaps not have been possible in this form without the current changes and crises.

Melodic music of the future

Of course, we don't like it when we are forced to leave our comfort zone, but this is the only way development happens, new ideas and solutions can emerge and we are encouraged to rethink the tried and tested, open ourselves up to change and adapt to current events. Flexibility will become our new core competence, as this is the only way we can safely master these and future hurricanes, floods and other disasters.

A dear customer from the old days once gave me the book "Who has moved my cheese". That's exactly what it's all about - being flexible and active, agile and open, shaping each day differently, letting go and not forcing anything. That's what the modern age is all about. These are the new qualities for living life freely, optimistically and joyfully.

I know that some of you reading this will be wondering what I have thrown in. But this is the process. It starts with resistance, disbelief and struggle and slowly moves into acceptance, opening and transformation. Regardless of whether the terminology seems esoteric or not, new words will be found and formed to describe what we need, feel and can best understand.

An important step towards change

The important thing is that we leave the resistance. We don't have to understand what is happening. We can stop questioning what the possible background, circumstances and modes of action might be. It's about something else. It's really about getting involved in the new, getting into the flow and developing ourselves further.

Because let's be honest - it wasn't really that great in the old juice either. But how could we ever have brought about a change if we had been the first and perhaps the only ones? So many years ago, some of us set out on the path, maneuvered our way through countless difficult situations, grew, clarified ourselves and brought our authenticity to life. There were and are more and more of them. In this way, the turnaround can slowly take place and the balance tilts or settles in a new area so that holistic, comprehensive, aligned movements can take place. Because then one day, those who cannot let go will be outnumbered and will submit to the majority.

The spell of magic

That's why the next few years will be so exciting. Restructuring is the magic word. It's about examining the old, sorting out what no longer works or has never worked and replacing it with new ideas and opportunities. Employees will be a key component of the upcoming wave of restructuring. The implementation of new processes and the reorganization of departments and company units stands and falls with their well-being, their motivation and their ultimate trust and commitment. This has actually always been the case, but these needs are increasingly present, noticeable and loud. There is groundwork to be done in many places. Too many years have gone by in which the management in particular thought that employees were there to go along, follow willy-nilly and do their work. It physically pains me to write this, but unfortunately this is still often the way we treat our colleagues.

Let's start not only thinking in a new way, but also acting in a new way. Integrate soft factors and qualities and create solutions that work for everyone.

Experts support you in mastering these new tasks and problems, motivate you and your team and accompany you into the new era.

Truly ground-breaking things are possible today and here that would have been unthinkable years ago. Let's give the new a real chance to grow together, to realign ourselves as humanity and to make the quantum leap of our time. Now is exactly the right time, the right place and the right energy for implementation.

Let's tackle it!


Coaching can be the ideal support here on all fronts and lead to stability and increased motivation and flexibility in the team. It takes courage, creativity, strength and sufficient motivation to face up to change - for everyone involved. Caring and experienced support leads to stable structures, stress reduction, the development of necessary skills and more confidence and inner stability for new (management) tasks, for example.


Coaching can provide you with targeted support in overcoming upcoming challenges in every stage - internally in the team or as a manager in the company. In a clarifying introductory meeting, a modular concept is developed that provides you and your project with optimal support and individual assistance.

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