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House of Glass

A wonderful short series that presents the individual fates and entanglements within a family of six members to the viewer in a wonderful, profound and heart-wrenching way. Abysses open up, connections become clear and the struggle for survival of each individual is brought into sharp focus.

This intense, contemporary and captivating ARD short series has held me spellbound over the last few days. A wonderful play with great actors who portray the respective childhood wounds, traumas and life paths of the family members from the perspective of a business family.

You can take on the role of an observer through the glass. The glass represents the proverb: "He who sits in a glass house...". And the stones are already flying happily. Initially against armoured glass, but it soon becomes clear that the glass house will not withstand the hail of stones. It slowly begins to crack, glass splinters and suddenly everything is in shambles.

The characters are wonderfully played by outstanding actors who clearly and unmistakably portray the subtle feelings, deep wounds and traumas of the individual family members.

It quickly becomes clear that nothing fits together, nothing is coherent, everyone is trapped in themselves and their own microcosm and the lies poison everything. A real, genuine, true connection is not possible between any of the family members.

Furthermore, the various possible reactions of our dysregulated nervous system become wonderfully clear - flight, fight, rigidity and the much-vaunted people pleasing.

You'd love to jump up and shout - pull yourselves together and just be honest with each other.

But it's not long before the glass starts to crack, the first cracks appear, but it holds, the glass house still holds in a very miraculous way. Individuals begin to talk to each other and it soon becomes clear what all seems to be hiding under the cloak of the "perfect family". So much guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, injustice, disappointment, hurt, trauma and mistrust, so much mistrust again and again. Nothing seems resilient and true. No relationship can withstand more than it is expected to. The tension rises and the atmosphere is tense to bursting point. So little connection, solidarity, empathy and understanding for the other person. It's a real Sodom and Gomorrah. Individual fates weigh heavily, but watching the whole mess through the glass makes it hard to know who to side with.

It's about money, affection, lies and deceit, secret relationships, addictions, dysregulation and how little control each individual has over the family as a whole.

Everything threatens to fall apart. And one of the loved ones, one who has made every conceivable sacrifice, representing one of the black sheep of the family (because somehow everyone is a black sheep), finally gathers all her courage through the unbearable pain and breaks out, hurls her truth in everyone's face and suddenly there is movement in the rigid world.

Suddenly the masks can fall, a part of the truth can be revealed, a little light can finally be shed on the lies. Still too little, but it breaks through the thicket. Makes the truth appear.

An incredible strength and power can suddenly be felt in this clarity. A sigh of relief, a great liberation and, despite the roaring tsunami, a little calm finally comes to the construct.

I am so touched by this masterpiece, because healing is promised, because it suddenly becomes conceivable that there could be a solution, because so much transformation and healing flows into the people involved and their situations and so many new options become possible. It breaks open.

The broken glass house harbours such new freedom. So much connection through the expressed suffering, through naming the pain, one's own truth and one's true self. Opening creates opening in the other person. This domino effect is so wonderful to feel and experience, and your own wounds can heal in the process.

You can feel the effort it takes for each character to show themselves more and more.

Suddenly, addiction issues, new family members, old guilt, etc. come to light. And the moment they're revealed, the weight of everything falls away. A lightness comes in, even though the issue is laid bare in front of them. The truth is so incredibly liberating, even if it is sometimes hurtful, upsetting and frightening. But nothing is hidden anymore, nothing is smouldering, the field is marked out.

And suddenly the connection is there. The connection to the truth, to the actual topic, to those affected and the feelings finally come up. And mostly not destructive, but caring, supportive, healing.

As you can see, I am blown away by this masterpiece. At last, something that gives courage, exudes confidence and is a sign of the real change that is now being allowed to take place more and more everywhere.

Perhaps you have also seen the series, got involved with the topic, empathised with it, or will watch it now and perhaps take my words and perspective with you on your journey. There will certainly be or have already been impulses.

Embark on your individual journey to yourself and start living your true self!

link to the series:

Coaching can be the ideal support for you here. It takes courage, creativity, strength and sufficient motivation to face the deepest wounds and their change - for all those affected. Caring and experienced guidance leads to more openness, honesty, awareness and mindfulness, building inner strength and more sovereignty and stability for your healing journey.


Coaching can provide you with benevolent and nurturing support in overcoming emerging issues and upcoming challenges in every phase of your transformation. In a clarifying introductory meeting, a modular concept will be developed to provide you and your line with optimal guidance and individual support.

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