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How do I implement all the knowledge ...

to become a good leader?

Implementing our knowledge about how we can do things better, develop people, reduce stress and serve the company by making our contribution to the company's success is like all our good resolutions.

Why do we despair when it comes to implementing "good and healthy habits"? Why do we so often fail with new ideas for our everyday life?

It's not because we don't know what to do and what benefits and real improvements we would experience as a result. No, it is much more because - or so we tell ourselves - it is difficult to change things in a real, profound and long-term way.

What does it take for lasting success?

Right - perseverance and the will to really change it.

But new skills and behaviours take patience and time. One step every day, sometimes just one step to the side or even one step back, but it is important to keep at it. Results will come and show - the more intensively and longer new behaviour is practised, the sooner and more sustainable the results will be. Fortunately, we have all experienced this wisdom too!


The new habits are like muscles - not used for years or even never used, they need to be trained to build stability and strength and become the new automatism.


Make the right decision!

You decide - every day anew:

  • Am I listening with focus?

  • Do I radiate interest?

  • Do I honour and respect my conversation partner?

  • Do I react confidently?

  • Do I consult my team holistically on my thoughts and ideas...?

Essential questions are also - Do others feel like and enjoy working with me? What can I contribute so that this is the case?

On the one hand it is an intensive training, but on the other hand it is also an attitude! This needs to be implemented in your life, not in the sense of pure tools, but in the sense of inner attitude: How do you really want to be as a person, as a leader and in all the roles you have taken on in your life?

Self-reflection is the first step

It's basically about constant self-reflection combined with a sense of self-determination and self-control.

This not only sounds exhausting, but really requires a lot of courage, mindfulness and patience at the beginning.

Decades of entrenched neural pathways need to be realigned or completely reinstalled in order to really establish the new behaviours in the long term.

Your work and relationships will become more joyful, so that things will become easier and freer. A great support can be an accompanying coaching, which supports you in the implementation of your plans, you can play through upcoming or experienced situations and deal with your emotions in a detached way from everyday life. The learning curve is enormous and thus leads to intensifying your enthusiasm, motivation and excitement.

Hang in there - because the success that emerges will support you on your way!


Coaching can support you on your journey to becoming the best leader - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. A 6-week or 6-month individually oriented coaching concept leads you optimally to directly visible and tangible successes.

Contact me to start your journey into a fulfilled future

Nicole Dildei Coaching

+49 157 58 267 427

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