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Influence of time management on job satisfaction

More and more employees are suffering from a considerable lack of time. Efficient time management is essential for processing their original tasks. This is because in the medium to long term, permanent time pressure automatically leads to frustration and the feeling of never being able to do enough because you simply can't finish. Added to this is the increased stress level, as the pressure to perform increases permanently if you don't feel productive enough.

Continuous meetings are usually the trigger for this. Over time, the actual tasks are joined by umpteen new projects, which in turn are accompanied by regular meetings, new tasks and challenges.

Additional tasks

Let's not underestimate the aspect that new tasks also take up more and more time, are in focus for the first time and occupy the brain more than routine tasks or things that are processed regularly.

Prioritizing tasks becomes increasingly difficult, as it is suggested that every project is equally important. Sooner or later, this leads directly to burnout. If the job does not bring any fun or fulfillment, one is slowly hollowed out, becomes emotionless and resigns sooner or later. The exhausted employees quit faster, which leads to recruiting costs, additional strain on other employees in the meantime, and the training of new employees.

Let's also not forget that "busyness", the new permanent busyness has almost degenerated into obsession. This happens because it feels very productive at the beginning, but is mostly addictive. For it is confused that a lot of work measurably does not really lead to high performance. Concentration and focus on the essentials to work on tasks efficiently and purposefully. Anything but the highly praised multitasking.


The higher the pressure, the faster the results are to be achieved, the less focused work is possible, the more efficiency suffers, the faster satisfaction drops.


Until now, companies have mostly underestimated the considerable consequences that arise from a lack of satisfaction and motivation. Productivity and efficiency decline as soon as employees are overworked, their activities are excessively controlled and rewards are absent.

Unfortunately, being busy and important feels good at first, so boundaries are crossed unnoticed. Due to the compression of tasks, it becomes increasingly difficult to step out of the hamster wheel, to ask for more breaks and processing phases and fewer tasks and responsibilities. Thus it comes to: "busy is the new stupid".

Value creation through appreciation

A wonderful parable of the New Age. It is exactly that. Appreciation of employees, of work, of the company, of our lives leads us to value creation and thus automatically to what we always and always seem to strive for, as if it were our highest good - performance! The path to the goal therefore leads along where up to now the greatest resistance, the fear of effeminacy, of being too much of a man, perhaps even the feminine qualities lie.

Voices are getting louder that after all entrepreneurs and managers can create exactly the conditions to have happy employees. Happiness is the highest level of satisfaction.

But this requires the development of new framework conditions - an opening for transformation, for the new, the unknown, but also the promising.

  • Freedom,

  • transparency,

  • joie de vivre,

  • responsibility,

  • trust,

  • appreciation and love.

Simply ingredients for the recipe for success.

If these values are lived, connectedness is created and with it the basic human need. It is important that companies start to reward not only the mere presence, but to reward the results and to value the creativity and energy.

Introducing the change

As a first step, it is important to frame, understand why things are not progressing properly, what are the causes and develop understanding. Sharing observations together as a team and starting a learning process from within the team. Everyone is encouraged to think and participate.

It is essential to analyze what brings employees and teams back to satisfaction and fulfillment. Based on this, new working conditions, structures and processes can then be developed and implemented together.

Valuable help during change

It is important that the upcoming and necessary change is only possible if enough free space is created to be creative, to think through things and options in a collected and concentrated way, and if space is created for implementation.

Since there are reasons that have led to the grievances and the executives in most cases remain the same, management and strategy consulting peppered with coaching elements supports the speedy implementation and transformation into a new working environment.

It is not only a matter of introducing change in the short term, but also of developing a feeling for the needs and the necessity for change of the employees and the company in the medium to long term. Only in this way is it possible to stabilize the company's success.


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

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