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Let's take off - Let's bring femininity into our lives!

Everywhere the voices have been getting louder for years that we want to see more women in leadership positions, more femininity is needed in the world and processes need to be rethought. We are fighting for equal pay, have achieved a "women's quota" and yet our system is missing something completely different.

Because we all know one thing: The transformation of our world can no longer be stopped!

Femininity in today's business world

But - where has femininity actually gone? Isn't that exactly what the system is still missing?

De facto, our western world is strongly male-dominated and patriarchally oriented. Masculinity here stands for power, strength, might, clarity, dominance, hierarchy, structure, purposefulness, growth, success, assertiveness, rationalism, struggle, lone wolves, nepotism, achievement.

True to the motto: Higher, faster, further ...

This attitude and the associated behavioural patterns have brought us to where we are today. It still seems to be essentially male to make or be able to make a "real" career.

This is not an accusation, but a mere observation.

The women who have made it further within the system, who now sit in respected positions and demonstrate, at least to the outside world, that our calls have paid off, unfortunately seem very conformist in the still male-dominated professional world.

Wearing only a skirt, putting on make-up and taking care of one's appearance should no longer stand for feminism in today's world. If we allow ourselves to be reduced again only to appearances and sexism, it is to be feared that the change will drag on for a few more decades. All that is certainly part of it, but it is not the qualities that really make up femininity.

So where is femininity?

The questions that remain await appropriate answers:

  • Where do we find the femininity that would do the system so much good?

  • What does it look like?

  • How does it feel?

  • What exactly does it mean to bring femininity into the profession?


In some publications, statements have been made, for example, that bringing our femininity is equated with "taking a chance".


It sounds like it is a risk to live our gender. What qualities do we ascribe to femininity here that are frightening and almost scary?

What does it actually mean to lead in a feminine way? What are the feminine qualities that we are increasingly hearing and reading about?

Words like sensuality, motherliness, warmth, kindness, gentleness, gratitude, intuition, love, heart energy, trust and compassion, joy, lightness, flexibility, vision, community, team, belonging, togetherness, connection, emotional balance and care, emerging and growing, accepting and nurturing, inspiration, creativity, security and stability, presence, integration, transformation and strength based on connection.

The old but also the new are almost longing for humanity, not only after 6/19 pm, but no, all day long. To perform in a calm, benevolent environment, of their own free will, with great joy, in a team, together and with trust.

And now?

When you read this, what does it do to you? What do you feel now? Are you inspired? Touched? Motivated?

Then let's embrace our feminine mandate, run and bring our pioneerness into this new world. And this does not mean that it only concerns women - the feminine sides in men are also waiting to get involved and participate.

This serious change and transformation is not about "either or" but about "both and".

True to the new motto: More relaxed, more mindful, more profound....

Our task is to bring the feminine and masculine qualities into balance, to value both equally and to bring them into our everyday life, into our shared togetherness. It is about taking off our mask and the protective shield and putting it down, to show ourself authentically and to bring ourself in as one is, free of fear, trusting and for the good of all.

It is now about being next to each other or with each other and no longer about being against each other! It is about going into the fullness and not continuing to stylise the lack.

It is also about simply becoming quiet, waiting, allowing development, giving everyone a chance, creating new solutions and celebrating together...

Coaching can help you explore your feminine qualities, get clear about what you want to contribute and how. Who and where are you if you could choose? What feminine qualities do you already have and live? Where do you have potential? Fears? Prejudices? What hinders you? What is important to you?

In a safe setting it is possible to look at, feel and transform everything. Become the best version of yourself!


Coaching can support you on your journey to becoming the best leader - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. A 6-week or 6-month individually oriented coaching concept leads you optimally to directly visible and tangible successes.

Contact me to start your journey into a fulfilled future

Nicole Dildei Coaching

+49 157 58 267 427

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