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Message for the New Year

As always in recent years, a turbulent, intense, challenging, difficult, joyful, transformative, high-growth, ultimately fulfilling and happy year is drawing to a close. Some are breathing a sigh of relief, others would have liked to have had even more 2023. Some would like to hold on to the beautiful, let go of the ugly and concentrate fully on all the hopes for the new year.

I thought long and hard about what I would like to share on social media that perhaps hasn't been said or written yet. I decided not to say much more about the old. Not because I want to escape or stop looking at it, but because it's simply over. Keeping my thoughts and feelings, and therefore also my energy, in the past has never been a good idea. Certainly to work through, understand and learn from issues, but ultimately letting go is the only way to move on.

And so I would like to move on with you. But also in a new sense. I am aware of all the old rituals - the Raunächte, Sperrnächte, incense burnings, journaling and purgatory.


But the hopes and expectations placed on the new year are usually huge, powerful and sometimes simply unrealistic. The pressure on yourself, your life and your environment nips growth in the bud.


Wouldn't it be appropriate to slowly surrender to your own energy flow? Be aware of your ups and downs, go with them and follow your intuition. When we are calm and centred, we know exactly when we have to be where and with whom. Everything seems to fall into place, fit together and work. It is only when we think that our mind knows better and has everything under control that things become bumpy and turbulent.

So why not just be in the here and now?

Feel, be connected with yourself and follow your inner voice.

Wouldn't that be a great and only wish for the new year?

To live this ability more and more regularly and integrate it into your life?

If a voice, a resistance and a protest is now raised within you - yes, but, excuse me, without goals and visions, I don't need to continue at all. Then everything is at a standstill and I no longer know what I'm supposed to be doing - then I completely agree with you. That's not what I mean either. Of course you can continue to cultivate your goals and visions so that you don't lose sight of the big plan. But not dogmatically, obsessively, at all costs, against your nature, feelings and the moment.

My firm conviction is that we can no longer rush into anything - the price is getting higher and higher and it is catching up with us faster and faster. It's all about humility. Humility towards yourself and your greatness, but also towards the big picture.

I would say: it's worth a try.

Coaching can support you in experiencing yourself, recognising and overcoming your blockages in order to carry your newfound self-confidence into your life. Through self-reflection, find the voice within you that knows your path and knows exactly what is next for you.


Coaching can support you and your growth in each of the phases in a targeted manner -  internally in the company or personally in your private life. Let's have a conversation to determine the status quo and your goals and develop a modular concept that provides you and the transformation process with optimal, competent and personalised support.

Contact me to start your journey into a fulfilled future

Nicole Dildei Coaching

+49 157 58 267 427

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