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Office versus Home Office

The new trend in management is "nudging". This refers to nudging employees to return to the office and thus to be present. The pandemic has shown that the previously dreaded home office is indeed a viable and good option for managing the workday and providing employees with greater flexibility.

The existing pros and cons are obvious. However, people are creatures of habit, so after this intense excursion into the home office world, it's difficult to turn everything back.

The mixture makes the difference

As in many situations in life, the mix would certainly be the right and most balanced thing to do. There is no denying that different results can be achieved when people physically meet, discuss, inspire, argue, brainstorm and connect with each other. In the end, this is what makes collaboration so special, the togetherness, the social encounters.

Nevertheless, what was unthinkable before the pandemic, then became socially acceptable, cannot suddenly be untrue again. Here, too, it is necessary to present credible concepts and proposals from the leadership in order to bring into being the optimal solution for further cooperation.

Manipulative communication

About the new trend "Nudging" the indirect influencing of the coworkers takes place. Here, lounge corners, chill-out rooms, retreats and quiet islands, as well as all kinds of conceivable incentives are offered when people find their way back to the office. But when are such appeals manipulative?

Isn't it simpler to give employees back their own responsibility in this point as well and leave it to traction or normal development that employees decide on their own to meet physically in relevant situations?

Background causes

The previous mania for control led to fearful behavior on the controlled side. Often, work instructions from the control perspective are counterproductive and meaningless for the work process and outcome. Control serves only to satisfy the needs of the controller, who acts from a perspective of lack of trust.

Here, a shift in entrepreneurial and managerial thinking will be necessary if the company wants to recruit new employees, especially those of the next generation. If no attractive offers are to be found here, taking into account the new scale of values, suitable applicants will stay away and join other companies with a spirit of times.

Patriarchically influenced companies will slowly die out with their views. Nowadays, no one wants to be "castigated", to be pressured to follow rules they are not convinced of, to be confronted with the mistrust of managers.

What does a necessary reorientation look like?

Instead, the focus must be on the independence and personal responsibility of individuals, on participation and life in the community. Trust is the basis for this, as well as the structure for constructive self-regulation of the teams.

This development will only work from the top down. Coachsulting helps you to gain clarity about which levers and adjusting screws to move in order to slowly steer the Titanic in a new direction. Step by step, piece by piece, layer by layer.

Clarity at the management level is crucial for further change, development and transformation. Confronting this requires courage, but coaching, for example, supports this enormously - not only for the development of the company but also of one's own personality. Treat yourself to a horse cure and surprise yourself what is possible!


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

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