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Partnership with TASys Academy

Recently I decided to step into a partnership with a company that offers educational services in the same business field than my offers, but with a different set-up. Due to financial issues, missing budgets and lack of understanding of appreciation and employee retention, this cooperation offers opportunities to take advantage of diverse, individual coaching programs after all.

TASys Academy is an organization that offers subsidized continuing education. This is and can be very interesting especially in the private but of course also in the entrepreneurial area. Individual coaching programs and interesting, important trainings can be realized pragmatically and budget-friendly on short notice with the help of subsidies. Thus you can also make use of my competences, skills and offers individually within the framework of the funding possibilities.

Especially in the case of professional reorientation, development of one's own business in the sense of business start-up or also for the time being for support in self-discovery, financing of additional qualifications, the current funding programs are truly a valuable support.

This was the background for my cooperation with TASys. How wonderful, especially for job seekers who want to reorient themselves, to be able to take advantage of such funding. The same applies to companies that not only want to do something good for their employees, but also want to develop their business. The wide range of options is equally suitable for employee retention, training on individual topics, and enhancing team and company skills. The wide-ranging offers go from pure DATEV training to executive coaching.

Furthermore, there is KOMPASS, a support program for solo self-employed people, which enables qualification within a certain financial framework.

In addition, there are further, diverse possibilities to support exactly you in your very individual situation in the best possible way. Take advantage of these opportunities.

Since these pots are still relatively unknown, please feel free to contact me for possible funding options and paths. It is really worthwhile - for all involved.

In addition in advance still two valuable contributions and/or Podcasts with further helpful detail information - look gladly once in:

Coaching can be supportive here on all sides and contribute to a change into the new time. It requires courage, creativity, strength and sufficient motivation to face these changes - both for the female and the male concerned. A compassionate and experienced support leads to a stable personality development, building up of necessary competences and more sovereignty and inner stability.


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

Contact me to start your journey into a fulfilled future

Nicole Dildei Coaching

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