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Promoting good relationships

It's usually the little things that can lead our relationships - in any form - professional, partnership, family, personal, etc. - can lead in one direction or the other. The regular carelessness that at some point breaks the camel's back and in the worst or best case ends in a dramatic break-up, toxic behaviour or a rupture.

Sometimes this certainly brings us peace, because the relationship was not intended in this form. In many cases, however, we still ask ourselves months later how it could have come about.

What do we really want? What brings us the inner and outer satisfaction we long for?

So what mindfulness can we introduce directly into our everyday lives?

I have put together some easy-to-implement options that will make everyone feel more comfortable:

  • Put your phone down when you're talking to someone. And put it away completely - not on the table, not upside down, not in your hand... No, just away, in the sense of no longer visible.

  • Make compliments when you notice something instead of just thinking about it briefly and going straight on with the text.

  • Listen properly, listen to things between the lines, pay attention to small emotions, facial expressions and simply be present and attentive. Take an open and honest interest in the other person!

  • Remind the other person of small successes, nice experiences and funny moments. Speak appreciatively about this person and their actions.

  • Be there for others and create a safe environment in which honesty, openness and goodwill prevail.

  • Be and remain authentic. People sense hypocrisy or wrong behaviour in the second and this leads to an attitude of suspicion and mistrust.

  • Accept your boundaries and those of others. Again, just be honest with yourself and others.

  • Be flexible about things that make no difference to you. Remain diplomatic and neutral about everything else - this will make you feel confident and independent!

  • Simply offer your colleague, friend or partner their favourite drink - without being asked and without saying much. Small tokens of appreciation are true appreciation.

  • Remind yourself again and again of the one or other appreciation so that you don't forget it again in the stress of everyday life.

There is certainly much more, but it's about taking small steps to apply new behaviours and slowly integrating them into your everyday life. You make the difference!

I hope you have received a few ideas and hope you enjoy applying and trying them out.

Start the change within you!



Coaching offers ideal support here to either take the first steps in conflict management and analysing one's own reaction structures or to directly implement new skills that enable and empower all those involved to learn to deal well and confidently with corresponding situations in relationships. Another option is to act as a mediator or observer and outline a neutral picture of the prevailing relationship patterns in the department or company and use this to provide insights and recommendations for action to the decision-makers.

Trusting that the best possible solution will be allowed to develop and be implemented.


Coaching can provide you with targeted support in overcoming upcoming challenges at every stage - internally in the team or as a leader in the company. Let's work out together how I can provide you in your individual situation with optimal support and customised assistance.

Contact me to take your next steps

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