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Sense or nonsense of a corporate purpose?

Their impact is truly underestimated - where is the sense or nonsense in the corporate purpose?

Most companies have wonderful missions, visions, intentions and their purpose formulated in a highly professional manner. They shine everywhere, on the homepage, in glossy advertising brochures, but are in no way integrated into everyday work, let alone lived.

They are often mere lip service that unfortunately do not fulfill their real potential or even make their valuable contribution to the bigger picture.

The underestimated effect

It is a pity that the effect is underestimated, because through these statements and ideas combined with the corresponding intentions, the company not only experiences its individual character, but also radiates certain values and a certain image. This attracts not only appropriate and suitable customers and service providers but also employees. It is therefore all the more important that the catchphrases are filled with life or adapted to what is really lived and fully represents the company.

The desired goals do not always really match the company.

Not every company is world-changing or has hyperdimensional services or products to offer.

What a precise corporate purpose can achieve

At this point, it is much more important to ask what the world really needs today, what the company can and wants to contribute to it and how all this can be manifested in the company's purpose. Especially in today's crisis-ridden times, so much uncertainty has taken hold that many are longing for something stable and constant. Doesn't it therefore make all the more sense to give the team a secure foothold, to demonstrate that one is empathetically taking care of the psychological needs of the employees, is there for each other, stands up for each other and strives for common goals.

Such guardrails are very important for our psyche and sound cohesion. All the crises make us all more vulnerable and insecure. The framework that ensures standing together for the same things, shared values, goals and visions underpins the community and ensures belonging to the team and the company. Valuable feelings and needs are seen and integrated through this. This step offers a great opportunity for companies to survive in the future, to inspire good human capital and skills, and to create a sustainable stable foundation.

How a suitable corporate purpose comes about

Therefore, it is equally essential that the leadership thinks deeply about the business purpose, vision and mission and is clear about their consequences and effects. Ideally, of course, this should be done with the involvement of those who feel well connected to the company - the joint elaboration will have a good influence on the overall result.

Coaching can do a good job here - on the one hand at the management level to get clarity about what you want to create together and on the other hand in the cooperation with the employees to achieve the best possible result together.


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

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