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Personality and leadership behaviour

The last few months and years have once again contributed to the fact that personal competences have gained in importance in management. Especially because they have an enormous influence on the company as a whole, its values, culture and image. Ultimately, personality is decisive for one's own leadership behaviour.

Fundamentals for good leadership

When everything is going well, leadership is not a great art. When the first squalls come and sometimes turn into veritable tsunamis, then not only true leadership is required but also a good sense for the right strategic decisions. Certain personality traits are conducive to this, while others are not.

Through profound personality development and focused coaching, a lot of change can happen that can benefit everyone.

Unfortunately, it is also the case that leaders get in their own way especially when it comes to demonstrating greatness and living clarity. It is certainly human that one's own pressure and expectations of one's own performance grow in difficult situations, which of course also increases the fear of failure disproportionately. This in turn inhibits the willingness to take risks and becomes a bad advisor in the analysis of options for action. The brain makes sure that the survival mode kicks in and the manager goes into automatic mode. This is not a good starting position for producing new and creative solutions.

Important personality traits

Which personality traits are advantageous in crisis situations? On the one hand, there is certainly sovereignty, calmness, clarity, intelligence, prudence, analytical ability, strategic awareness, discipline, perseverance, creativity, transparency, but also clear and empathetic communication, openness, integrity, care for employees, empathy and compassion, decisiveness, willingness to take risks, farsightedness and diplomacy.

Which qualities are more damaging? False ambition, profiling, self-interest, overtaxing the team, excessive demands, perfectionism, loner behaviour, egomania, fear, intransparency, hyperactionism, narrow-mindedness, stubbornness and doggedness, withdrawal, lack of communication and pure striving for success.

Empathetic leadership

It is especially important at this point to dispel the idea about what caring, empathic leadership means. It is not about taking everything lightly, being soft, giving in and avoiding conflict.

It is about the "how"! How to lead? It is about more humanity, respect, compassion and understanding. Bringing these qualities to difficult situations, unpleasant conversations and stressful challenges. It is necessary to bring these competences with you and make them available to the other person. These vibrations from the individual energy fields can now be measured, the energy in the room is positively influenced and thus has a great impact on the situation.

But it is also about explaining the background - the "why"! This information leads to decisions being more easily accepted by the team.

It is also important to note that empathic leadership is not a gender-specific assignment. Rather, it is a personality trait. There are many characteristics that are assigned to femininity, but are naturally lived by all people. In the end, it is about the ability to do difficult situations and things in a human way.

To take people along, to pick them up, to be curious about their being and doing, to empathise, to inspire, to motivate and to enjoy bringing something into life together. The focus is on being, not on doing - from the bottom of our hearts.

Try it out. With coaching you awaken these abilities in yourself and can bring them more and more into your everyday life and achieve enormous leaps in development - for an easier, more flowing being and a fulfilled life.


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

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