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The leader as superpower

Expectations of managers have changed. They are now seen as a superpower! But what will really be needed in the near future?

My view of the manager's tasks envisages much less technical issues than before. The manager per se becomes more of the "conductor" of his team, who is trusted to make a decision that makes sense for everyone in the end, based on the competencies of his staff, and to ensure that it is implemented.

The idea is that they serve instead of instruct, listen instead of making announcements, coach instead of control. They have the responsibility, on the bridge of the command, to ensure that the journey ahead is safe, to recognise and counteract emerging turbulence and, above all, to keep the foresight. The constant and constant change makes leadership very demanding also in the coming years.

The path to more humanity

Empathy, trust and intensive dialogue primarily require social skills. Maturity is the decisive criterion for this. This is based on extensive personality development. This means first facing yourself, your inner self, finding out who you really are, what you really want and what is important to you. Only after one's own deepest abysses have been sifted through, understood and healed, are we able to lead others in such a way that they accept us and we can trust ourselves to act in the interest of those involved and not in the interest of our own ego. Only then can this position be held responsibly.

What historical professional successes, how long one has been involved with which functions in which companies, what additional training has taken place, play virtually no role when it comes to leading teams.


The larger the team, the less the need. It is much more essential to know and recognise the big picture.


The art for the inevitable change in current managerial sizes is now to say goodbye to the old familiar rigid budgeting and planning processes. For a long time now, it has been much more about early indicators in order to be able to meet upcoming upheavals and unexpected changes in the market and competitive environment accordingly.

Paradigm shift of focus

Another new demand on decision-makers is to stop getting bogged down, hyperactively implementing solutions quickly that no longer work and thus wasting valuable resources, losing staff, exceeding budgets, etc.

The desired success today is an extensive melange of very different factors that cannot only be directly assigned to or derived from the product, the service. We have to think bigger - out of the box!

For example, the feeling of well-being in a team is the decisive factor for good, trusting cooperation. Studies have shown that the ability to feel gratitude helps individuals as well as entire teams not only to successfully solve challenging tasks together despite all setbacks, but even to grow from them.

Thus, it may also be that the essence of the strategy is to decide what not to do. An essential factor will be an honest and sincere attitude towards oneself - what changes can I as a leader implement in what time frame? What am I capable of doing? What can I really contribute and achieve? What support do I need to make the change authentically?

Lots of new tasks that need to be implemented successively over the next few months, to bring the teams into the new thinking models and to support each other with mutual respect and trust.


Coaching can support you on your journey to becoming the best leader - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. A 6-week or 6-month individually oriented coaching concept leads you optimally to directly visible and tangible successes.

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