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Unisexe retreat - unique combination of yoga therapy and coaching elements

People who want to bring their authentic self into the world now have the opportunity to do so in a benevolent, caring and appreciative environment with like-minded people. A unique retreat combines ancient yogic wisdom, somatic healing, breath work and meditation with modern coaching elements, creating the space for profound inner transformation.

The retreat will take place from 24-29 September 2024 at the beautiful Quinta Carvalhas Retreat Centre in Casével, Portugal, which has been specially selected for this purpose. Here, participants can fully engage in their inner journey and free themselves from existing stereotypes, belief patterns and external and internal constraints.

In the safe space of the retreat, skills, therapeutic, gentle and restorative yoga, embodiment and techniques are taught that enable you to connect with your inner self and bring your wisdom powerfully into your life in order to work authentically, joyfully and freely. The combination of yoga therapy and coaching elements creates a unique opportunity to develop one's own personality and enjoy life to the full.

The new concept includes not only the on-site retreat, but also individual coaching sessions that continue after the retreat. In this way, we ensure that the transformation process can be accompanied and continued in a stable way and is not just a one-off that fizzles out after a few days in everyday life and lets you fall back into old patterns and habits.

"Our many years of experience with yoga therapy, healing retreats and transformative coaching have inspired us to offer a retreat that nourishes body, mind and soul at the same time - in a safe and generous environment." - Silver Kim and Nicole Dildei

The retreat is aimed at everyone who is ready to embark on a profound inner journey and make lasting changes to their lives. It offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with companions and to grow individually and together in a safe, benevolent and appreciative environment.

Our goal is to reach people who are ready for this profound transformation and can appreciate this support in their lives.


Nicole Dildei Coaching is an executive and corporate coaching company that represents part of a comprehensive range of coaching consulting services. The idea and thinking behind it is that pure management consulting is no longer a speciality in today's world. However, the combination with coaching modules leads to enormous added value, better consulting results and long-term success - especially in the areas of corporate values, employee retention, mental health and overall image.

Silver Kim and Nicole Dildei got to know and appreciate each other in a personal setting. Both recognised that the yoga philosophy and somatic healing lived by Silver in the context of Silver Kim Yoga and Nicole's management-oriented coaching method complement each other perfectly - especially for people who have both feet on the ground in life but are beginning to sense that their true self is much bigger than they ever thought and who have embarked or want to embark on the path to this very self.

In this way, yogic insights and thearpy paired with coaching elements can create a wonderful synergy and harmoniously transform body, mind and soul. The added value lies in the combination of both methods and can thus develop a holistic effect as well as the support beyond the retreat.


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