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Whirlpool of challenges

The maelstrom of new challenges has had us under its spell for several months now and sometimes makes it hard to think clearly. Information, new requirements, approaches, ideas and targets are constantly bombarding us from all sides. The total overload ultimately leads to a standstill - nothing works, ideas, solutions and concepts are blocked as it seems increasingly impossible to prioritise.


Comments on social media like these are then the inevitable and natural consequence! They are not surprising, but they are very touching. In the end, it is almost more promising if the employees who think this way no longer work for the company in question.



Where do we stand as leaders and people?

Where have we allowed ourselves to drift? What do we cause every day through our own attitude? Good and not so good. Where can we now exert influence in order to motivate employees again, encourage them to persevere and, above all, to believe in it themselves?


On the one hand, such statements are of course a good way to deal with pressure and reduce stress - let's put the suffering and frustration in the humorous corner. But the undertone remains bitter, of course.


In fact, we already know that this is still only the beginning of our journey into the new era. Strategy cycles are getting shorter and shorter, the speed is increasing rapidly, the call for more agility and flexibility from companies can no longer be ignored and the targets are spiralling to enormous heights against the backdrop of the emerging miseries that are unfortunately having a major impact on figures and results.


Still the predominant form of communication

You can already see the first reactions from companies to all these trends on the market, but they are more from the old days, contain unworthy announcements and are more a sign of helplessness and panic.


Employees are receiving emails with clear announcements in which promises of additional benefits are suddenly negated and there is talk of new savings programmes and job cuts. In a way that almost physically hurts from a distance - especially in times of change, a shortage of skilled labour and increasing employee dissatisfaction. What exactly still needs to happen?



To be honest, I think this is absolutely counterproductive in this day and age. "Hiding" behind digital media instead of showing yourself as a boss, being available and accessible to your employees and showing your flank no longer goes down well in the world of mindfulness, wanting to be seen and highly praised appreciation. You are more likely to annoy your employees than achieve your goals with your chosen strategy.



Above all, the responsibility for getting things right, keeping the company stable, not losing anyone and ensuring motivation and enjoyment at work is shifted to the middle to lower management levels. This is because employees turn to them first after such announcements. That is why it is so important to strengthen these levels, to take them along and, if necessary, to leave it up to them how they communicate certain things to their teams.


If things are done the way they have been in the past, such emails from the very top are sometimes tantamount to a betrayal, especially if the direct superior has only learnt about things through this email. The result is enormous discord, uncertainty and anger within the company. This energy does not necessarily lead to unlimited success and so the downward spiral takes its course. Employees in key positions resign because they feel unseen, ignored and exploited, others stay for fear of not finding an alternative job and, in the end, the effectiveness of the entire team is greatly diminished and the achievement of targets becomes a distant prospect.

A solution approach

The solution would be to really listen, to be attentive and to observe trends, to deal honestly and openly with employees' issues, to point out limits but also potential and to stand up for each other.


Coachsulting and Coaching in particular can be a great support here - for managers, employees and also the management - with the aim of creating a stable basis and realising potential in the areas of communication and interpersonal skills. These are now truly the tip of the scales and deserve a special focus in order to avoid unconsciously or consciously destroying valuable resources in the company. In the end, this approach will certainly be the shorter and more cost-effective one.


Just think about it and explore new solutions outside the box...

Coaching can be the ideal support for you here. It takes courage, creativity, strength and sufficient motivation to face the deepest wounds and their change - for all those affected. Caring and experienced guidance leads to more openness, honesty, awareness and mindfulness, building inner strength and more sovereignty and stability for your healing journey.


Coaching can provide you with benevolent and nurturing support in overcoming emerging issues and upcoming challenges in every phase of your transformation. In a clarifying introductory meeting, a modular concept will be developed to provide you and your line with optimal guidance and individual support.

Contact me to take your next steps

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