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Who is leading us into the New Era?

The new era is about to begin. Critical voices about Generation Z have always been common, but feedback from headhunters, HR experts and executives is piling up, sounding concerned and worrisome.

There is talk of high mobility and agility, a desire for flexibility and recognizable egomania. The need for people management and hierarchies is strongly restrained.

Where will this changed perspective lead us in the next few years?

In any case, to a turn in the previous leadership modalities. Ideas and thoughts about hierarchy-free companies must be brought back into focus and hybrid forms for the transitional period must be developed and found.

Possible development options

In the next one to two decades, we can definitely expect to see more of Generation X and Generation Z coming together. The transition to a new system, to the New Era, can only be accompanied by Generation X. It knows the old, feels the new. It knows the old, feels that this is only conditionally suitable for the current challenges, since it has systemic limits, develops the urge for change, towards something new on the basis of the existing experiences. It is ready to take on the responsibility and necessary mediating function.

What Generation Z lacks, Generation X lives and vice versa - they actually complement each other perfectly. However, both have to be picked up and prepared for the common mission so that a common understanding is gained. It's not X against Z or Z against X, but X with Z leading us into the future.

Basis for the common mission

In everyday life, this can be quite conflictual, so that individual concepts have to be developed, coordinated and introduced to lead to the desired success.

The basis for these concepts is mutual understanding, compassion, respect, appreciation for differences and the spirit for the common mission.

What changes and adjustments are necessary? What is feasible for the company, the company's purpose and the workforce? What specifics and frameworks need to be considered? What is a realistic time frame? What communication is the company aiming for?

Facing change proactively

It is a great opportunity to introduce and implement necessary and overdue changes in the company so that ultimately everyone benefits from the upcoming development. The prerequisite for this is that one recognizes exactly that and is willing to open up in order to draw the full potential from this situation.

Change can no longer be stopped, but it is certainly beneficial to approach it proactively rather than reactively in order to determine control and direction, get everyone on board, and generate as little friction as possible for the transition to the New Era.

In addition to strategy consulting, coaching can provide wonderful support here to get stakeholders in tune with the changes and achieve the best possible outcome by creating the necessary foundations in each individual's being and in the team.


Coaching can support you in a targeted way on your journey to your best version - internally in the company or privately on a personal level. In a clarifying introductory conversation, a modular concept can be developed that optimally accompanies and individually supports you on your path.

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