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Become the
Whole Version of Yourself!

»Get on your journey to a fulfilling, empowered and inspiring life!«
Nicole Dildei – Leadership, Executive and Life Coach

Whom I support

I will gladly support you with my competences from the bottom of my heart if you have made up your mind and are ready for changes in your life. I would be happy to accompany you in discovering your life outside the comfort zone and opening up for transformation.

How I support you

Among other things, I am enthusiastic about the Co-Active method because it focuses on your person and not on your problem. This wonderful work thus has a cross-issue effect on your whole life and leads to the holistic transformation of your personality.

What's in It for You

Your bundle of gifts includes, among other things, better access to your emotional world, more fulfillment, a life enriched by your own values and qualities, clarity about your goals and visions, the unfolding of your personality and the feeling of happiness, mindfulness and gratitude for every area of your life.

 Nicole Dildei Coaching | Leadership, Corporate and Life Coach

About me

Due to my own traumatic experiences, I began to deal with various therapies and coaching methods at a young age and laid the foundation for my spiritual development.  I was always well guided by wonderful and competent teachers, for which I was always insanely grateful. That's why I know how important it is in some phases of life to have compassionate and trusting heart accompaniment. Security, confidence and recognition are essential healing components. 

I got fascinated by my own personal evolution, transformation and process, which fortunately always took place.

For many years I felt that I need to combine my deepest passions to a holistic business including rational and high-qualified, number-focused management as well as compassionate, holistic and mindful leadership to become a open-hearted, mindful and trustworthy Life and Leadership Coach. 

Here I am -

ready to support and train you to live your individual, happy, balanced and worthy life!


is not the absence of commitments,
but the ability to choose and commit myself to
what is best for me.

 Paulo Coelho, Novelist

Coaching Programs

Coaching is a valuable, clarifying and transformative support in any situation in life.

It doesn't matter who you are, what you earn, what challenge you are facing, what kind of relationships you have, where you come from.

Coaching is made for everyone.

One of my methods is the Co-Active model,
which I complement with my personal and individual skills,
to best accompany you on your journey to yourself. 

The basic idea is that we are all "whole" from birth. We all have our individual answers and solutions, skills and competences already within us. Coaching gives you the opportunity to discover your inner values, parts and voices, resources and visions and to find out your very own goal for your life. Coaching empowers you to become the best version of yourself!

I am happy to share some coaching principles with you in advance:
First things first: I don't coach your problem, I coach you!

I am not your problem solver, as you already individually carry all the answers within you. I am only an observer and companion and feel honoured to be the initiator and catalyst of your personal development. This helps you to find your own path to your life purpose by aligning with your inner stability, wisdom and power, fulfillment and self-responsibility.
During this experiential journey, you are in the driver's seat the whole time and determine independently and intuitively what is allowed to transform.

Without knowing exactly what to expect, I started the journey with Nicole.
In order to define exactly what my goals are in my career and in life, to find out what is important to me, I started the coaching. From the first moment I felt very well taken care of and comfortable with Nicole. Her human, empathetic manner makes it easy for me to respond openly to my wishes and fears. She brings her many years of experience into the conversations and her toolbox always has a suitable tool for a wide range of topics. Through the accompaniment I now feel much stronger and have a sharpened picture of what is important to me.
Thank you very much for that, dear Nicole!


Real Estate Senior Manager

Contact me to find
your way to a fulfilled future

Nicole Dildei Coaching
c/o D&D Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Lessingstrasse 6, 65779 Kelkheim I Germany

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